White House Terrorizes New York City

The Obama administration has committed what amounts to an act of terrorism.  The president’s Air Force One backup plane was flown low in banking circles around lower Manhattan, trailed by an F16 fighter plane that appeared to most observers to be giving chase.  In an FAA memo released today it became clear that the administration knew the flight could cause panic in New York but threatened the New York City police and the mayor’s office with federal sanctions if they let the secret get out into the public.  The president has since apologized and said that he is furious and had no knowledge of the flight.  But it’s his plane.

I am becoming increasingly concerned that my support of Mr. Obama may have contributed to placing an absolute incompetent in the office of president.  An act like this shockingly callous flyover simply beggars belief.  Having lived in New York City for ten years, I know that if you manage to send thousands of New Yorkers running out of their buildings screaming in terror, you have really done something profoundly frightening.  New Yorkers are a hardy lot and have a real ‘been there seen that’ attitude.  These people were terrified at what was happening in the sky above them.  The windows of their buildings were shaking because the plane came in so low.  It came right at them!  The White House says it was for a ‘photo-op’ so that they could take pictures of their airplane with the Statue of Liberty behind it.  Seriously!  These people are running the United States.

I think that the hero-worship of Mr. Obama needs to end immediately and we need to ascertain just exactly what is going on here.  The NBC video above which shows Obama’s press secretary saying ‘I don’t know’ about the flight is very scary.  Perhaps Mr. Obama will consider parking a yellow rental truck in front of an Oklahoma federal building next week for a ‘photo-op.’  That should help build his reputation there, don’t you think?

By the way, NBC news anchor, Brian Williams is furious too and thinks somebody should pay for what happened.