The Hunt for Gollum: Lord of the Rings Fan Film

The Hunt for Gollum is a 40-minute fan-made film that will be available for free downloading on May 3, 2009.  The film was made through open collaboration of enthusiastic fans working under the leadership of director Chris Bouchard.  The all-volunteer production looks so much like a Peter Jackson LOTR movie that it’s almost scary.  One wonders why all the big budget money was spent if the films could have been produced by this crew of hard-working talented volunteers!  This film looks like it’s going to be a serious lot of fun and will be a great addition to the LOTR world for its fans.

One thought on “The Hunt for Gollum: Lord of the Rings Fan Film

  1. The Gollum fan film is getting a ton of coverage all over the net, and I’m not surprised as I’ve been writing about them on my daily fan film blog, for months. For what it’s worth, if you want to find out more about fan films in general, I wrote the first book about the history and future of ’em, Homemade Hollywood, which just came out.

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