Book Lovers in Paris with Piles of Books

Here’s an excellent CBS Sunday Morning report about French book collectors in Paris. I love the piles of books in the apartments. The skinny book finder guy is a very amusing character. He reminds me of the character Johnny Depp played in the Roman Polanski movie, The Ninth Gate. That character is a shady and extremely skilled book finder who goes after rare books for wealthy collectors. The movie is fascinating for all its investigation of ancient texts and satanic illustrations.  One of the collectors in the video mentions how when a collector finds a book they like, then they must also acquire every other edition that they can find.  I totally understand this, having gone through something similar with various editions of Don Quixote.  That’s a really good book to collect because there are so many beautiful editions of it that include the work of great illustrators.  Not to mention the fact that Don Quixote himself is a maniacal book lover.