Ebooks are a Gradual Change for Publishing

At the Conversational Reading blog, Scott Esposito writes a post called ‘Why EBooks will Change How the Industry Functions.’  He’s writing about his reaction to another blogger who wrote a post about ‘Why Ebooks Must Fail.’  I like Esposito’s common sense approach to the subject of ebooks and his confidence that the publishing industry will gradually adapt to them and incorporate them in its business model:

…as I’ve come to understand the ebook format better and better, I’ve come to believe that it represents more than just a different way of reading. I’m beginning to see that it represents new modes of relations between authors, publishers, and readers, new concepts of books as a commodity, and new concepts of copyright.

I agree.  After all, it’s just words.  It really doesn’t matter how you get them into your head.  I enjoy reading some books off my iPod.  Other books I prefer to read in hardback.  Detective novels I always prefer as paperbacks.  Deciding that the book publishing industry is doomed because of ebooks is just ridiculous.