Don Quixote Illustration by Gustave Doré

Here’s an illustration from Miguel de Cervantes’ novel, Don Quixote. It was done by Gustave Doré. It shows Don Quixote reading a book of chivalry in his library.  I love the way Doré shows all the madness of Quixote’s imagination surrounding him in his chair as if his imagination and the book were coming to life.  It’s a reminder that the sanest guy in the entire novel is really the Don himself… even though he does go off tilting at windmills as if they were giant monsters.

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2 thoughts on “Don Quixote Illustration by Gustave Doré

  1. Added this to my bookmark list!

    I absolutely love this era of illustration! People these days like to think that the genres of fantasy, sci-fi and horror are all recent inventions, but simply put, I’ve never seen anything that can match that which came before! Dore’s a new artist for me, but I think I’d have to rank him up there with Rackham!

    Thanks again!

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